I hold space for you to heal and grow.


Hi, I’m Rachel. Lover of silly jokes and writer of blog posts that are way too long.

I’ve been a seeker my whole life. I had to be, because my depression never let me settle.

I spent years looking outside of myself for answers, validation, respect and love. Trying everyone else’s methods. Secretly wondering if I was just broken beyond repair.

The desperate search ended when I began to go within. To my own body, my own breath.

I released old pain. I learned to open my heart to love. I connected with the present moment. And I began to feel deeply and profoundly good enough just the way I am.

And that’s my deepest wish for you. That you know how fully worthy and loved you are right now. That you feel the bliss of being fully present, alive and open in your body. It’s where the peace, joy and expansion you’ve been seeking outside actually lies.

Let’s breathe together and discover what that looks like for you.

Lots of love,



Professional Bio

Rachel Sizemore is a Breathwork Healing Facilitator and Spiritual Life Coach. Her passion is to wake up to the peace and beauty of the present moment and guide others to do the same. Through her 1-1 Healing Sessions and Group Breathwork Classes, Rachel holds space for her clients to actually heal and release from the nervous system the past pain and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and disconnected from presence. She also supports solopreneurs who wish to pursue business as a spiritual and pleasurable journey through her virtual monthly membership, the Business & Pleasure Mastermind. Connect with Rachel at www.rachelsizemore.com and through her podcast, Ripen where she explores coming fully alive through sharing her personal stories and deep diving interviews.


“A dear friend recommended Rachel to me at a time in my life when I truly needed her most. I was feeling stuck, paralyzed by fear, and overwhelmed with self-doubt. I desperately wanted to take a step to make a change, but didn’t know where to begin.

Rachel taught me through her coaching how to overcome fear by working with it, how to identify my negative thought patterns, and encouraged the confidence I needed to thrive. My thoughts, energy and life have changed.

I am no longer stuck, I am no longer letting fear sit in the driver’s seat, and I am letting my inner light and confidence shine. This experience has truly been a gift that I will use for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to Rachel for the power and values she has bestowed upon me through her coaching.”

- Jessi Evans, Graphic Designer & Illustrator



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