This week I had the pleasure of guest blogging for the insanely inspiring Brittany Hopkins of Container Collective Yoga here in Denver. This gal has brought so much goodness into my life, and I am truly honored to be featured on her site. In the post, I share how applying the yoga art of inversion to my daily life helped me to start healing my depression. 

What if your greatest challenge was in fact your greatest blessing?

Yoga turns my world upside down – literally and figuratively. In yoga, we are continually called to inversion, to go upside down, to get our heads on the other side of our hearts. And not simply at the end of class with shoulder-stand, headstand or handstand. Every down dog is a mini inversion, a mini opportunity to turn the world upside down, and here’s the key: to look at the world differently.

So many of us charge through the world, full steam ahead, waging constant battle with the blocks and challenges before us. We become so static in our perspective, looking at things one way, the same way, over and over.  What if... Continue reading at CC360denver.com 

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