Looking Back to Move Forward

The temptation this time of year is to set our sights on January - a fresh start. It’s a wonderful impulse we have to set resolutions to be new and improved versions of ourselves.  However, this year I’d like to propose you try a slightly different approach - looking back on 2014 before jumping ahead to next year. 

If we don’t stop to take stock of where we’ve been, we often find ourselves going around in circles, living via old habits, digging ourselves deeper into long ago formed ruts. By looking back, we can celebrate our successes, feel more deeply into our challenges, and make a conscious decision around what continues to serve us and what no longer does.

I’ve been doing this type of reflection since 2010, and its fascinating to look back and see where I was, how much I’ve grown, and which bits I still haven’t fully worked through.

At the end of 2013, I decided to leave behind the following:


It’s so interesting for me to look back on this list now.  Certain things, my obsession with my acne, being frantic, the story that eating clean is not aligned with my joy, I’ve released almost entirely and that feels amazing. Some are clearly still in process. It feels like I’ve only just in the past few weeks made significant progress releasing the stories that I have already failed and that I’m not good enough. Those bits will 100% make it on to 2014’s Leave It list.

But I don’t feel like I failure. I actually feel tremendously proud of myself for shining the light on what I’d like to let go of and moving in that direction, even if its taking time. And that’s why I created the 2014 Wrap Up Guide – to encourage you to take the time to reflect, to look back, and to create the space and clarity you need to experience more joy, more freedom, more love in 2015. And don't be a stranger, I'm scheming to bring you lots of inspiration and tools to keep you on track all year long. To moving forward! 

 Get the 2014 Wrap Up Guide here.

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