Again? Yup.

Reality Check Time: Perfection doesn’t exist - in your life or in your plans to be, get or stay healthy. It’s pretty unlikely you’ll get to a place where you are making the healthy choice 100% of the time for an extended period of time. (If you’ve figured this one out though, please respond to this email and fill me in on your secret!)
The reality is, the art of “being healthy” isn’t a push for perfection, but a journey of recommitment.
Look, life happens. We travel to see family and friends. We tailgate for the big game. We go to birthday parties and BBQ’s. Sometimes it’s less fun: a stressful week at work, a fight with a loved one. Life is full of these little upsets which sometimes might seem intentionally designed to knock you off of your very well intentioned plans to _________________________ (insert healthy choice here – plan your meals, get to the gym every morning, stop eating sugar, etc etc etc).
So if your healthy plans are continually upset, what should you do? Throw up your hands and say there’s no use? Beat yourself up for failing yet again? You could try those. I bet you already have. OR You could try something new – acceptance and recommitment.
When you’re off track, simply accept it. Let go of the drama and the self-hate and the stress. Try a simple, “Oh well, that happened.” And then Get. Back. To. It.

Recommit to your goal, your habit, your healthy choice and just start again. It’s so much easier to do without the expectation of perfection and the stress of failing hanging over your head. 
Perfection doesn’t exist. The people who accomplish what they want are the ones who keep moving forward, who keep recommitting despite their pitfalls.
Is there something you need to recommit to in your life this week? Personally I’d been doing a great job the past few months working out several times a week. Then life started creeping in, fewer workouts were happening, and last week I didn’t work out at all and my sleep and mood suffered for it. Am I freaking out? No. I’m recommitting. 3 workouts are already on my schedule for next week.
What’s it time for you to recommit to? 

Comment below and let me know for a little extra accountability. I just told you all about my 3 workouts next week, now I really have to do them!

To recommitting (yup, again)!

Rachel SizemoreComment