Take Time Before You Begin

Brittany began class as she always does, reading from Melody Beattie’s Journey to the Heart. I always love Melody’s meditations, but this one in particular really hit home for me.

I love the idea that we can intentionally infuse our everyday actions with positive energy. I’d been playing around with this idea over the past few months; watching as the people around me react more softly, open up more easily. So I was excited when Brittany asked us to bring intentional energy not just to the opening few moments of class, but over and over again, to each individual pose or movement. I gleefully played around with the energy of peace, of ease, of love, and of strength.

It came time for wheel – ordinarily a pose I grind my teeth and break out my best female tennis player groan in order to get through. I pressed up, focusing on love, imagining love beams shooting through my hands and feet and out from my body in all directions. Whooosh. I felt more curved, my hips higher than I’ve felt in wheel since the 6th grade. I came down. Pressed up again. Again shooting love beams, again wow, feeling way more open than normal.

Rachel SizemoreComment