But sometimes it feels impossible...

So I had a few questions after the last post on recommitment (also several of you emailed to share what you’re working on – send me an update! I did in fact get in my 3 workouts last week, woot). However, some of you asked how you can just “recommit” when falling off the wagon feels so out of your control and so bad for your body and your psyche. It’s particularly tricky if you’re struggling with binge eating, eating at night, or having crazy weekend benders. 

I totally get it. There is an overwhelm, a panic, an exhaustion that comes from setting healthy goals for yourself and falling short over and over. And there are two key parts to this that I want to highlight and explain further.
1. "Perfection doesn't exist."  This is huge for us to acknowledge and accept. A lot of times, we put a ton of pressure on ourselves to eat really well/perfectly healthy and though it feels good while we do it, it can actually set us up to indulge or binge later if we have been denying our impulses.
Telling ourselves we can't have certain foods, building an allure around them, is a sure fire way to want them more.  Instead, make your goals around adding in more healthy choices and focus on the positive momentum that is building, trusting that some of the “bad” will fall away naturally and that a little chocolate or wine or gluten in your life isn’t actually so bad after all.
2. "When you are off track, simply accept it. Let go of the drama and the self hate and the stress." You may not realize it (or maybe you do!), but what's happening is a cycle – you break your diet and then you feel bad about yourself/beat yourself up and that negativity makes you want to eat more junk. Eating the junk makes you think, "whatever this is dumb, I'll never change, what does it matter," and then find yourself eating again.
Our society teaches you to stop the cycle by getting strict and just not eating junk. We’ve all tried that and look, if that worked, I wouldn’t have a job! The key is to break the cycle at your negative thoughts; to simply accept that you’ve fallen off and detach from it. It seems crazy, I know, but the best thing you can do is be understanding and gentle with yourself. "My eating isn't where I want it to be, but I'm working on it and that's ok. I’m not going to beat myself up. I'm in the process of healing and that's ok."
That instantly calms and neutralizes the situation. You no longer feel so badly about yourself and so frustrated and fed up. You have way more space to calmly just go to bed, sleep it off and make something healthy for breakfast the next day.
It’s a process and an art to change your thoughts. It takes time. But you can do it, I’m completely confident.

To good enough and self-acceptance!
P.S. If you’re struggling with this, I’m happy to talk it through with you. Book a discovery chat with me here and together we’ll turn this around for you.

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