How did it go?

January. Did you start your year off as planned?
This time of year everyone is talking excitedly about the new energy, the clean page that January brings.  And don’t get me wrong, I love a fresh start as much as anyone. But if you’re anything like me, the new year also comes with a fair amount of pressure.  Pressure to make this your year, to hit the ground running, to start things off ‘right.’ 

And boy was I served up a massive reminder this week of just how unhelpful putting that kind of pressure on oneself is.  Monday January 3rd found me too sick with a cold to get out of bed and delivering bullying self-talk along the lines of “here you go again, already behind.”  “Aww poor little you, you didn’t get out of bed or do a damn thing today, how hard this must be for you.” “Really, again? How are you ever going to get where you want to be if you are always behind, unprepared and not taking action?”
Ick. It takes work to break the habit of talking to oneself like this, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it makes me feel sad and frustrated that I fell back into last week.  But when you suffer from perfectionist tendencies, when you are hard on yourself in this way, sometimes you find you’re even upset with yourself for being upset with yourself. Double ick.
The worst part is, all of this negativity doesn’t exactly ramp up your energy to get a move on things. In fact, it usually does just the opposite and leaves you feeling more hopeless and unmotivated than before.  I know this feeling well from a lifetime of being hard on myself.
But I also know this habit, this old story doesn’t have to define me or my year anymore.  With a bit of honesty, self-kindness, and perspective, I know I can choose how I want to feel and think going forward into week 2 of January – even if I’m quite far from where I’d hoped I’d be. 
So I’ve created this special offering to help you start your year with a bit more kindness, a bit more self-love, a bit more genuine excitement. In this 90-minute one-on-one intensive session, I’ll help you get clear on what you really want this year to look like (and let go of what you think you should want or do).  We’ll sift through the perfectionist, “I should be able to do all of this by yesterday” tendencies and craft you a blueprint that’s actually do-able and even exciting. 


You don’t have to do it all on your own. It doesn’t make you weak or behind or incompetent to get help. It makes you smart, and it catapults you forward.

Rachel SizemoreComment