Weightloss & Negativity

I have talked a lot about life of late. So much so that I’ve been toying with the idea of leaving the “health” portion of my coaching behind. And if you’ve been around the past few months, you’ve probably seen or sensed that ambiguity, that lack of clarity. Maybe you have even thought to yourself, “what exactly does Rachel do anyway?” This lack of clarity has been stressing me out and quite frankly its been holding me back.
Recently, I was taught a Native American idea that all of our negative thoughts and experiences, every bad thing that has ever happened to us, are all stored in one part of the brain. And further, that every new thought or idea we have gets filtered through (or many times stuck) in this negative holding area.
This means that very often – and without us realizing it – our initial response to things is negative and fear-based.  We think - maybe I should say this to my partner, oh but he won’t be open to thatMaybe I should try for this new job, oh but I’m not qualified enough, they’ll never hire me.  We shut ourselves and our desires down unconsciously, over and over again.  
Don’t believe me? Listen for it today. And that’s the cool part. Once you know it’s a tendency, you can watch out for it. Hear the negative reaction and then choose to push past it into what else is possible.
I was able to do exactly that. You see, every time I had considered focusing on the most common health concern, weight loss and yo-yo dieting, without consciously seeing it, I was shooting myself down in a barrage of negative thoughts. “There is no way I can do that; what if I’m not good at that; what if people think I am judging them or somehow promoting ‘skinny’ as healthy;” fear fear fear blah blah blah.
Because I’ve always been thin, it feels like a sensitive balance, but truthfully learning to love and accept my body and nourish it without dieting and deprivation has been a huge part of my healing journey.  So much so that it feels vulnerable and scary to start talking about it and further, to own deeply the fact that I really can help you do the same.

Just on the other side of those fears, the reality is I have helped lots of people, including myself, heal their yo-yo dieting and body image issues. And I know first hand how energizing and freeing it feels to start to let go of the self-bullying body drama stories and create space for more fun and joy in life. Scary or cliché as it might feel to pick this focus, it’s an absolute honor to get to do this work. 

I’ve been putting together a program to help you end your yo-yo diet, off the wagon, on the wagon story for good, so you can start nourishing your body from a place of love, lose the weight that is no longer serving you, and maintain your strong, healthy body with drama-free ease.

Yes. Ease.  

Now notice.
Did you have an automatic negative response to that idea? Did you think yeah right or that will never happen for me?
Can you push past that to the possibilities that lay just beyond the fear? To the possibility that this does work for you and that it could permanently change your life and your relationship to food – how amazing would that be?

Want to explore the possibilities further? Click here. We’ll set up a complimentary discovery call to explore what’s happening for you and whether working together is the right fit. I’d love to support you in taking this journey to naturally lose weight and let go of the body drama for good. 

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