Read This If You Use Facebook

Facebooking is like a form of cutting. 

One of my clients came out with this nugget the other day. She had just copped to Facebooking a half hour before bed each night. I had a visceral reaction.
I’ve been on Facebook a lot more as I’ve been building my business, and I’ve become all too familiar with the black hole it can create in the middle of a “Write newsletter” time block on the calendar. 

We all know the way time seems to evaporate when we hit the little blue “f” on our phones, scrolling past the babies, dinners, and vacations of our “friends.” Its just mindless fun, right?

Hardly. We look to compare. We look to judge. We look to distract. And on some deep level its making many of us feel miserable. Behind. Spiteful. Blah.
It makes us feel gross and yet we do it anyway. Sometimes nightly before bed.

Every behavior we have good or bad, we do because it serves us in some way. This week, take a look at how your Facebook time is serving you – is it away to unwind? A way to feel connected? A way to distract yourself from feelings you’d rather not be feeling?

This is not to say that its all bad or we should all go live on internet free homesteads in the woods.
It is to say – pay attention – how is your time on Facebook making you feel? Is it truly how you want to be spending your time? Or is it a way to avoid facing what you know you need to change to create your offline happy life?
That and please, don’t Facebook before bed.

Rachel SizemoreComment