For When You're Feeling Behind...

Last year, I earned a very small fraction of the income I’m capable of as an educated, hard working 31 year old. I worked on my business full time from April to December, but I wasn’t moving forward. 

I felt behind. I was stuck in the story that I should be making more money. I was angry at myself for falling so behind in my career. Frustrated at my slow progress. And scared. Scared that I would never catch up, that things were beyond repair, that what I wanted wasn’t possible for me to achieve.

I know many of you are moving through the world feeling similarly behind – like you should have gotten married by now, you should have made X amount of money, you should have mastered being a mom and working full time by now. And often the most painful one – you should have been able to lose this weight already.
You get stuck in this place. Angry at yourself for letting it get so bad. Frustrated at your lack of willpower, your laziness, your inability to stick with it. And scared. Scared that getting what you want just isn’t possible for you.
I know this place. It sucks.

And worse, it holds you hostage. As long as you continue with feeling behind and beating yourself up, you will stay stuck exactly where you are. Period. Amen.

Anger, frustration, and fear are generally not motivating emotions, and further they often send us straight to the Girl Scout cookies or bottle of wine looking for comfort. 

Instead, I challenge you to accept yourself. Just for a day or even a few moments, allow yourself to feel ok with exactly who and where you are right now. Whether you have weight to lose or you're in debt or you’re tired of being alone, just let that be deeply and completely ok.

Look, acceptance doesn't mean you give up on change, its just permission to be and to start where you are.  You can’t start from anywhere else, and I promise, you won’t start until you let go of the anger, fear, and regret.

Trust me, I know. When I gave myself permission to really just embrace where I was in my business and my career, to let go of my miserable self-bullying, things completely changed. I still felt sad, for sure. But once I released myself from wallowing in why I wasn’t on step 10 already, I was free to throw my whole heart into being on step 1. 

Turns out that was exactly what I needed to do. I’ve already made as much money in the first 10 weeks of 2015 as I made in all of 2014. And better yet, I’m helping more women than ever get out of their “I’m behind” stories so they can get on with learning to nourish their bodies and love their lives. Its a pretty sweet gig if you ask me! 

Rachel SizemoreComment