That Won't Work For Me

One of the key first steps I work on with my clients is self-acceptance. Learning to find peace and compassion for where your body is right now, even if it’s not anywhere near where you want it to be.

I sometimes get push back on this idea and maybe you’ve felt it too. “But if I truly accept myself and give up dieting, I’ll get worse.”
First of all, around 2/3 of all people on a diet (66%) will regain more weight than they lose within 5 years. So just being on a diet puts you at a pretty high risk for gaining weight in the future.
The resistance you are putting up to being where you are, your inner mean girl’s rants: How did you let this happen? You lazy slob, I can’t believe you did this to yourself, again. You suck - They are keeping you stuck.
Be honest with yourself, that voice is making you miserably aware of your “problem,” but its not motivating you beyond a few intense forays into cleansing or super restrictive eating that you quickly fall off.  
Accepting yourself where you are does not mean you give up on change. It simply means you release all of that wasted, un-motivating negative energy so you can be calm, clear and focused on taking that first baby step toward where you want to go.  

The inner mean girl chides baby steps as too little too late but she’s 100% wrong. It’s little step by step improvements and victories that feel great and can become a part of your daily routine (AND NOT DIETING) that lead to a lasting, strong healthy body that you love. 

So its totally fair if you're thinking, "That's great Rach, but easier said than done." I hear you, quieting the inner mean girl is no small task. The key thing is to start. Start to tell yourself that you are safe and loved exactly as you are. 

Write a little rebuttal for when she gets going. "Thank you for your opinion, but I'm fine and I'm working on it my way." Then get busy! Do whatever small thing you can this week to move you towards your goal - get to the grocery store, home cook a few meals for next week, go for a long walk or bike ride - just get started.