Feeling Stressed?

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks. I went through a stressful time and now that I’m on the other side (and with lots of help from my coach), I want to share what I learned about how to feel awesome again after stress. 
In mid-April, I gave a big presentation. I worked really hard to prepare the two weeks leading up to it, and I didn’t sleep very well before or after the event.  It was basically 2.5 weeks of super stress.

What did I do when it was over? I tried to get right back to the grind, of course... I am superwoman, aren’t I?

Turns out I’m not. After another two weeks of pushing myself, I was finally forced to stop and realize I was exhausted, uninspired, and miserable. Not really what most people want in their “Help You Change Your Life” Health Coach.  
Can you relate to this feeling of just pushing through? Of feeling stuck and uninspired? I’m guessing you probably can. It’s certainly been a theme for my clients this week.

Here’s what got me through and back to the “Totally Pumped About Life” Health Coach I much prefer to be:

1. Rest. And I mean it. You are not a super hero. When you’ve experienced a spike in work/stress, give into the urge to go to bed at 7pm. To binge watch your favorite show. To read an actual book (crazy I know). The longer you resist giving yourself the rest you need to bring yourself back into balance, the more rest you’re ultimately going to need.
2. Return to your fundamentals. When life gets busy, we lose our ability to juggle it all – sleep, food, exercise, family time – balls get dropped, it’s just the reality. Don’t beat yourself up! After you’ve rested, make a serious effort to get back to it. Commit to getting to the grocery store. Schedule a work out class. Spend extra quality time with your partner or kids. Get back to the fundamentals which allow you to function at your best.

NOTE: If this is a hard one for you, hit me up.  I coach my clients to make solid fundamentals a non negotiable part of their lives.  And I can personally attest, life is SO MUCH BETTER when your self-care becomes routine.
3. Get re-inspired. My coach called me out last week. She said, “Rachel, you’re not tired, you’re bored.” And she was right. When we’re busy and stressed, life feels hard and even the fun things become one more task on the list. In all of my stress, I had disconnected from what I love to do – teach and coach people to make their lives awesome. I started brainstorming about what I was really excited to create and share and practically overnight I felt like a new woman. (Still not superwoman sadly; but close). Reconnect to what excites you, what jazzes you up, what makes it all worthwhile, and I guarantee you’ll feel your bounce back in your step before you know it.