I ate the cookies

I surprised one of my clients recently with the admission that I had eaten 4 cookies at my Memorial Day barbeque. Her eyes got wide, “What?! REALLY??” I laughed, surprised myself at the size of her reaction.  It hadn’t really felt like any big deal; I was at a party, I was relaxing with friends, the cookies were delicious.  I enjoyed each one and ate them without having a whole story about it.
I had wanted to share with my client to show her you don’t have to eat perfectly all the time in order to feel energized and maintain a healthy weight. But her reaction reminded me, most of us don’t really believe that and in fact, for most of my life I didn’t either!
I thought I had to eat so perfectly – follow the latest diet to a T – in order to look the way I wanted to.  What I didn’t realize is that trying so hard to be perfect was really setting me up to fail.  Because perfect isn’t possible. Not in how we eat or in any other area of our lives.

And the more restriction and willpower I brought to my eating, the more out of control I started to feel around food. Because I felt guilty and weak when I failed. Because I hated the thought of a life without delicious, fresh baked cookies. Because I wanted to be bad and just let go of the reigns.  Because I was just so frustrated with myself.

Food had started to take up an insane amount of time and energy in my life, but I didn’t see any way out of it. I couldn’t see what I know now about how to nourish my body with fresh whole foods while still indulging now and then and enjoying food for what it is – freaking delicious!
“Falling off the wagon” threw me for a loop for weeks, and I felt so crappy about it - on top of feeling crappy from all of the junk I was eating and the wine after work and boozy brunches to numb my frustrations. It all shifted when I started to let go of trying to eat so perfectly all the time. 
Now I naturally gravitate towards real, healthy foods, and I love it.  Eating 4 cookies is extremely rare for me and not because I’ve told myself its bad or against the rules. And after I do indulge in a big way like that, I actually crave my next healthy meal and I easily get right back to eating the way I want the next day. 
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To eating well & fresh baked cookies!
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