If you want to change your body...

I wanted my body to be different from a very young age. My boobs were too small, my tummy too big. I coined the term “side butt” to describe the area of my upper thigh/butt region that I thought stuck out too much.
These feelings and worries were incredibly painful.  I can remember at 12 years old wearing my first bikini to Adventure Island and feeling so self conscious and unattractive because my chest was flat (I mean HELLO, I was 12!).  But growing up in Florida or maybe its just our image based culture in general, my perception that my body didn’t measure up felt so significant.
As I got older, no matter how thin or strong I got, that feeling of being not good enough persisted.  Because there was always something – my acne or my sun spots or my ever present “side butt” – that I could find to feel crappy about.  
My eating reflected that pain as I tried different cleanses and diets and restrictions in order to “fix” myself.   I found myself turning to food and alcohol for comfort and to numb out even though I knew it would only make the problem worse.

If I could only stick with my clean eating, my body and skin would finally have that radiance I thought I needed. But I couldn’t stick with it. Until I changed the way I thought.

Because at the end of the day, the problem isn't food. It's how you think about it.

Join me next Wednesday July 22nd for a free webinar (workshop really) where I'll show you how your mind is keeping you stuck in your relationship to food and why changing your thoughts will create real, lasting results in your body.

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It feels incredible to finally be free of the food and body drama, and I want you to experience that freedom too.  

But truly, it’s not a different diet or more willpower that you need, it’s a completely different way of thinking about how you approach food and nourishing yourself.  It’s your mind that’s really holding you back from creating lasting change and healing your relationship to food. 

I am so excited to share this information with you! 

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