This Is Life.

It was still pitch black outside when the alarm went off. Unable to rouse my friends, I made my way out to our little rental car by myself, a crinkled paper map my only companion. I reached the beach just as the first hints of colored light were appearing on the horizon.

As I settled myself onto the sand, the sun burst above the water announcing the new day. There I was, 18 years old, alone on a beach on the eastern edge of New Zealand, half way around the world from my home, watching the first sunrise of February 28, 2002.

Feeling the glow of that sunrise on my face, I wrote in my journal, “I’m sitting at the edge of the world watching the sun greet this day for the first time. This is life. I will spend mine chasing experiences like this.

I went sky diving for the first time later that day to celebrate and solidify that commitment to myself. (Yes it was scary as hell. But it was also totally awesome).

Flash forward 14 years later: when we get to Costa Rica in March, it will be the 25th country I’ve visited.

That morning in New Zealand, I made a promise to myself to do whatever I could to live big. To take full advantage of this one life. To say yes.

To chase and create beautiful, soul stirring experiences that remind me, “This is life.” It’s happening now, and my desires and soul nudges and curiosities matter. And it is up to me to live as though that were true.

I started thinking about leading retreats back when first I launched my business in 2013. My dream is to create opportunities for the people around me to allow their own adventurous spirit out to play and to explore somewhere new, both on the planet and within themselves. That is why I am so proud of what Brittany and I are creating with our Costa Rica Retreat. I am literally bursting with excitement that it is happening and that we only have 3 spots left on the trip.

It’s going to be a ‘first sunrise of the day’ type of experience and I would love for you to join me if that sounds exciting to you. 


You can find all of the details about the trip here: We are down to our last few spots so send me a message ASAP if you're thinking about it!

*Fun Fact #1: New Zealand is one of a handful of spots closest to the International Dateline in the Pacific Ocean that marks the point a new date on earth begins.

*Fun Fact #2: This is the only photo from that trip I could find in my giant ziplock bag of old photos. We are about to go caving to see glow worms.

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