What I'm leaving behind in 2015

Fear that i'm not good enough.

That what I create won’t be good enough. That I’m not thin or pretty enough. That I’m not successful or motivated or interesting enough.

It’s a doozie.

It’s also made my Leave It List since 2013, along with several other old ways of being that I want to change.

I realized in making this year’s list, that this fear of not being good enough is actually the root cause of all the other negative, self-sabotaging behaviors I engage in…


I hold myself back with over-analyzing, indecision, perfectionism, trying to do too much – all of these things – because I’m worried it won’t be good enough. That I won’t be good enough.

And I’m loving this new clarity because I understand way better where to focus my energy. It’s not about crafting the perfect message or needing the latest technology or buckling down and trying to force myself to get ‘er done.

It’s about giving myself the space to be where I am – at this exact stage – in my life, my love, my business, my body – and letting that be ok. It’s about saying to myself, I know I am scared that I might fail or people might judge me, but I am going for it anyway. I’m just going to keep moving forward, from right where I am right now, one small step at a time.

And it may not be perfect (ok its definitely not perfect), but I’m never going to create what I want in my life by starting and giving up or sitting on the sidelines out of fear.

I have heard from so many of you who have enjoyed making your Take It/Leave It Lists for 2015; thank you for sharing with me! If you haven’t finished, I encourage you to set aside some time this week to make it happen – it’s totally worth it to set yourself up with a clean slate for 2016.

if you haven't started or if you’d like to share this process with a friend (thank you, you rock!!), use this link to get all the details:  http://bit.ly/1PKJltA

To going for it in spite of our fears!

Rachel SizemoreComment