Doing the Same Ineffective Thing Over & Over...

No dairy. No eggs. No gluten. No alcohol. No caffeine. No soy. No nightshades. No nuts. No beef. No pork. No corn. No sugar.

That was my eating plan for the beginning of 2013. I was trying to do an elimination diet to test for food allergies. And though I recognize those types of diets have a medical function in a supervised setting, I was stubbornly doing mine on my own and in an unhealthy and extreme way.

A few days into January, I realized that some of my supplements were not corn free. I decided to start the 8-week timer over come Monday… which of course since I had already “failed,” meant I had license to go on a weekend bender, eating and drinking all of the gluten, sugar, and alcohol I could find.

I did the same exact thing, binging on all of the forbidden foods, when the diet was over in early March.

I always used to start the New Year, and really any new undertaking in this same way – setting a huge goal or challenge for myself, sticking with it for awhile and then falling apart dramatically when I failed or the challenge was over. Then it would take me weeks or even months to get going again, and I’d end the year either exactly where I started or even feeling worse off. Bleh.

I was stuck in that cycle until I created this year review exercise, the Take It/Leave It Challenge. Now, I take time to look back to see what's working and what isn’t. And it has made a huge difference. I use that info to adjust my plan, rather than just doing the same things that aren’t working over and over.


For me, going to extremes in the beginning of the year (or any time) simply doesn't work. I tend to be exhausted from the holidays and often found myself feeling already behind by mid January. ***Can you relate??***

Now, because of my Take It/Leave Challenge, I understand how best to create change and implement healthy habits for me. And I start my year much healthier and happier as a result. (On 2013’s Leave It List? Extremes and going to them.)

This process has been so life changing for me, I created a FREE 3-DAY CHALLENGE so I could share it with you. 


I used to do the same things over and over expecting it to work and being so hard on myself when it didn't. It sucked. And it’s not necessary.

There’s another way and it will actually help you create the change – get the new job, lose the weight, rekindle your partnership, find love, get healthy – that you are deeply craving.

Access the free challenge here: and don’t bring your old ineffective ways from the past into 2016!

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