Why Do You Even Bother?

My inner critic was having a field day a few weeks ago. She berated me for being stupid, behind, incompetent. She called me a loser; made me feel like a failure.

Why was my inner critic so at the top of her game?

I was about to enter winter. And being in Los Angeles now, where I might as well delete the weather app because the forecast is the same every single day, I don’t mean snowy day winter. I mean about to hit my time-of-the-month winter.

A few years ago, I learned from one of my amazing teachers, Alexandra Pope to equate the different phases of my cycle with the four seasons.

Winter is the bleed, Spring - the energizing days after, Summer - the peak fun of ovulation, Fall - the slowing down and turning inward that happens before menstruation.

Because of the way we live our lives in constant go-go-go mode, Fall is usually the most challenging seasons for us ladies, and it certainly is for me. The week before we bleed, our bodies are asking for a few days of rest and looking inward. It’s a natural time of self-examination and reflection.

They have even done studies which prove women are less empathetic and less concerned with others' feelings during this time. That's because our biology naturally invites us to self-reflect and focus on ourselves. It can actually be incredibly restorative and clarifying.

But if we don’t slow down; if we refuse to pause and rest, this is often the time when our inner critic gets the most biting. She taunts, "Why do you even bother, you ugly loser?"

The clarifying energy is gunning to take over, and if we don’t slow down and tune in, the body simply turns up the volume on its signal. Unfortunately, this plays out as inner critic as super bitch. Fortunately, with a bit of awareness, we can be prepared and recognize when this is happening.

I’m not going to lie, when my inner critic went off the rails last month, my first reaction was to feel terrible. But I was quickly able to recognize what was happening and observe it more objectively for what it was – my body nearing winter and my monthly cycle inviting me to slow down, reflect, and consider what self-care I needed.

Having a deep understanding of your cycle as woman, on not just a biological but an emotional and spiritual level as well, is like gaining a super power. It makes you respect your body in powerful new ways and gives you the chance to capitalize on the potential that each season brings.

Engaging with the power of my cycle has been nothing short of life changing for me, which is why I deeply bow to the wisdom of my teacher, Alexandra Pope and why I am doing what I can to share the knowledge I have gained.

EXCITING NEWS on that front - I am so thrilled to be participating in an incredible summit in December, Women Awakening in Todos Santos, Mexico, where I will be giving a talk on harnessing the power of your menstrual cycle. I will be sharing the stage with an amazing array of women, both American and Mexican, in a cross-cultural feminine focused exchange.

There are still tickets available for the summit, December 2-4, 2016 if you’d like to join in this powerful dialogue. You can get all of the details and buy your ticket on the event website

If you can't make the summit, but you would like to know more about harnessing the power of your cycle and/or dealing with an inner critic gone wild, respond to this email and let me know what your struggling with. I will anonymously answer your questions in upcoming emails or host a digital workshop if there is interest.

For now, I invite you to consider where you are in your cycle this month and check in on how you are feeling. What is your energy like? Are you happy to be out in the world serving others or are you feeling a pull to curl up and tune in? 

Can you find a few moments today to honor your body's requests? It's a huge part of self-care and creating a life you love.

Try it!


Rachel SizemoreComment