I Thought You Might Need This Today...

Take a deep breath in. Let it go.

Now, another one. Can you go a bit deeper, pull in even more air? Really feel your chest expand.

Let it go.

One more. Deepest breath you’ve taken all day…..

Now really let it all go. Feel your body sinking into the chair. The weight of the world falling of your shoulders. Your muscles unclenching. Tension melting away.

It’s ok.

You’re ok.

(If you need a few more, go ahead, close your eyes and take your time. I’ll wait.) 

I invite you to check in with yourself now. How are you feeling? What did stopping for a few moments bring up for you?

Perhaps you felt tightness in your chest. Your heart beating hard from the tension of pounding through life.

Perhaps you felt sadness rise up that you might have been holding at bay or pushing down. 

Perhaps you felt uneasiness or fear in the pit of your belly. 

Maybe there was a sense of calm or release.

I have felt all of these things and more from doing this exercise. And the simple power of it is in slowing down enough to let it flow in. To stop resisting it. To let it be ok. 

Because the more we push and fight and strive and force ourselves to just get through it, the more we build up a reservoir of tension and pain that can leave us stress eating, over drinking, binge watching tv, doing anything to numb out at the end of the day. 

It can be scary to let it in - it's one of the reasons my clients love having a coach because it provides the support and accountability to actually go there - but it is so healing and so necessary for dropping out of stress mode and into a place where you can actually breathe and release and maybe even find a little joy in your life.

I encourage you to use this simple practice - just 3-5 deep, releasing breaths - whenever you are in your head, stressed out, in go go go mode. I hope you'll find it helps you step back, get some perspective and embrace that you are actually ok.

You don't have to be perfect. It's safe to let go.

Rachel SizemoreComment