Here's the Truth... & The 2016 Take It/Leave It Challenge!

I was scheduled to launch the podcast this week, but it didn’t happen. After traveling for Thanksgiving and the Women Awakening Summit in Mexico, I just didn’t have the gas left in the tank to work around the clock and get it done.

Mexico was mostly work, but I did sneak in a few hours of sunshine!

Mexico was mostly work, but I did sneak in a few hours of sunshine!

It was hard for me to admit that and give myself the grace of more time. But it was also the perfect lesson. The podcast is literally about giving ourselves grace and opening to our more feminine essence. The essence that allows things to unfold and trusts the process and invites pleasure to come along for the ride. 

And there I was a week ago ready to grind it out, crank through it, make it happen. To be sure there are times to make things happen in life, it’s a very useful energy and skill. But it's a bit out of alignment when you’re birthing a podcast about awakening a more intuitive, desire based approach to life!

So I gave myself permission to slow down, connect into my intuition, and explore what it would look like for me to create the podcast in a more feminine way.

Pleasure over perfection. Flow over force. Allowing. Inviting.

unnamed (3).jpg

And then I started thinking, couldn’t we bring this energy into our year in review process??!? As those of you who’ve been around me for awhile will remember, I lead us through a looking back every December so we can explore what we want to take with us into the new year and what we are ready to leave behind - the Take It/Leave It Challenge.

The old way was a bit more task-master-esque; more linear. I got this done and not this. I need to work harder at this. Bringing in more feminine energy here invites us to be more open, more curious. It invites us to hear more of the story than just, "I didn't." It invites us to explore what might be really going on for us on a deeper level. Why didn't I do that? or What did I love about that? 

So as you go about this process over the next few weeks, I invite you to…

Bring in more self-kindness
Explore and allow your feelings, good, bad, and ugly
Slow down and really listen to what’s true for you

The 2016 Take It/Leave It Challenge, Part 1

1 - Schedule some quiet time to sit down and do this work. Bring your journal and your calendar.

2 - Going month by month through the year, make a list of your successes, highlights, struggles, and challenges.

3 - Spend some time journaling on any particularly impactful experiences. Explore your feelings – are you sad, happy, frustrated, grateful, angry, jealous, excited, nervous? All of it? Give yourself some time to let it all out. Exploring our emotions can be challenging (and emotional, ha!), but it can also be freeing and provide a lot of clarity.

4 - Take a few days to reflect on what you discover. Can you look at your challenges in a different way? Can you bring in more self-compassion?

I’ll be back with Part 2 and some reflections on my own year after Christmas. In the meantime, I’d love to hear how this process goes for you.. reply below to share. 





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