Is This Sexy?

What is sexy anyway?

Our visual culture is pretty clear on one image of sexy - very thin, large breasts, perfectly smooth skin - a Victoria's Secret model basically, as one client summed it up last week. 

And we tend to measure ourselves against that image, even though for most of us (and most of those models actually!) that ideal isn't possible without surgery, airbrushing or both.

This leaves most of us feeling pretty crappy about ourselves - more frumpy and blah than sexy. Am I right?

It makes me a reluctant crusader for the word. 

But then I think about what I'm trying to create with Sexy In Your Own Skin. And it couldn't be more opposite. For me, sexy is not about striving to meet some unrealistic ideal.

It's about embracing who and where you are and owning it.

It's about confidence.


Sexy In Your Own Skin is feeling comfortable in your own skin and with who you are. And more - it's feeling confident in it.

And here's where my crusade begins. We think we'll feel confident when we accomplish x - a certain weight on the scale, a ring on your left hand, a large annual salary. But how often have you accomplished one of those things and found yourself feeling the same? Or found as hard as you try, you can't seem to get (and stay) where you want to be?

We are waiting around for confidence to show up or to feel like we've earned it. We're forgetting that it's actually a choice.

Confidence is a choice - to love and appreciate all of your amazing qualities and to stop beating yourself up for what isn't perfect yet. And it's the secret to getting where you want to be with a million times more ease and joy.

Feeling sexy, feeling confident is a way of showing up in the world that's available to you right now (yes, right now, even with those extra pounds, even though you aren't perfect yet). And the best part, starting to show up in this way makes you like a giant magnet for all the things you want.

The purpose of Sexy In Your Own Skin is to show you how.

Rachel SizemoreComment