You Need To Know This.

My skin is an angry mess this week.

Having grown pretty attached to the story that I have healed my cystic acne, it’s really not my favorite thing. But given that, it’s interesting to me how differently I react to it now.

Before it was pure misery. Embarrassment. Pain. Despair.

Yes, despair, I think that captures it best.

It was a lot of work to heal that shame, but it transformed my life and my skin is calm and happy the majority of the time. And now I can see the breakout for what it is - a signal.

A big waving red flag from my body saying, “Hold up. Hold the f’ up, buddy. This ain’t right. You gotta make a change.”

Yeah, my body doesn’t use proper English, apparently. I’m sorry about that.

Back to the point. See, I believe our bodies communicate with us. They break out, they bloat, they get anxious, they crave. Not to make our lives miserable or because we are broken or bad or less than, but to give us a good shake. To wake us up. To ask us to come home to what we really need to thrive.

When you gain 10 pounds. When you pick a fight with your partner. When you find yourself elbow deep in the ice cream at 10 pm. When you can’t sleep.

You’re not broken.

You’re just out of balance.

Something is off and I believe, deep down you know what is. If you sincerely don’t, sit still for a moment. Ground your feet flat to the floor. Ask your body what it needs. She’ll tell you.

The key to healing your body is to pull your head out of the sand and start to bit by bit give your body and more importantly, your spirit what it needs.

For me this week, the message is clear. I’m trying to do too much. In my personal life, in my business, I’m piling it on. And though it mostly feels fun, the stress is clearly getting to me. I need to prioritize, focus, pull back and also probably nap.

I know that finding time for this will help my skin. And if I don’t find the time, I know my body’s waving red flag will graduate to a full on screaming mack truck four alarm alert.

If you’re already in that place, please don’t despair. You’re not broken or beyond repair. Slow down. Breathe. It’s going to be ok.

Tune into what the signal is really about and start to do what you can. I’m here, right alongside you, in the muck and doing my best to create a happy life.

If you are stuck in the emotional pain of shame and despair in your life please, book a call with me or find someone else to talk to - you can stop suffering alone and you can feel better, I know it, I've been there.