Is This Success?

On the last blog we talked about how lack of confidence often comes from evaluating ourselves based on society’s standards of success rather than our own.

I had you define what success truly means to you and what failure truly means to you. It was interesting to hear what some of you discovered, thank you for sharing!

For me, failure is playing small. It's hiding out. It's not trying.

I’ve realized it’s actually not the worst thing if things flop or don’t go as planned because success for me is really just getting in the game and giving it my all.

Before I was clear on that, I would act as though success was perfection. I'd try and try to get everything just right, get all of the balls in the air at once, figure it all out.

Connecting with what’s really true for me has created so much space for me to just let go. To relax and enjoy my life.

We get one wild ride on this crazy planet we call Earth. We simply don’t have to spend it feeling lousy and being so hard on ourselves. We can just choose to loosen the reigns and let things be good - even if they’re a bit messy and far from perfect.

I have so many clients working with the mantra "I don't have to be perfect" this week, and my hunch is it’d be a good one for many of you.

Because it's true. You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to have everything figured out. You're enough, just as you are.

Accepting and owning that is the real secret to confidence. And it’s the real secret to having the energy and motivation to create what you want.

So that's your challenge this week... allow yourself to feel ok with exactly who and where you are. Put some time into what really matters and let go of what doesn't.

Because you're enough, just as you are.

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