{Motivation & Desire} This could be your missing key...

I've been thinking a lot about lasting motivation lately - what we can do to actually stick with our goals and accomplish what we want.

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I even created this nifty free e-book to help you explore the various triggers that could be zapping your motivation and how to deal with them. (If you haven't seen it yet, click to download here.) 

In the guide, I cover strategies and mindset work to create lasting motivation which is super sweet. But there is even a step before that which I wanted to share today.

One secret to creating lasting motivation is to actually be working towards something you really truly want. 

Ok, so I know that seems super obvious, but hear me out!

For many of us, we have had the same goals for many years, and we just keep beating ourselves up not accomplishing them yet. We don't actually stop to question if we really want what we say we want in the first place!

And procrastination might simply be a sign that you aren’t fully aligned with what you say you want to accomplish.

So how do you know if you really want what you say you want?

Well you tune in and ask yourself, naturally.

Try sitting with these questions. You could journal, think them through on a walk, or even partner with a trusted friend to ask each other.

What's my goal?

What will having that do for me?

And what will having that do for me?

You may have to ask question #2 three or four times, but you’ll start to get to the core of your desire. It’s more than likely not exactly the weight loss or the new job, but the feeling that you think that goal is going to bring you.

For example…
What’s my goal? Lose 25 lbs.
What will having that do for me? My clothes will fit again.
What will have that do for me? I will feel more confident.
What will have that do for me? I will be willing to put myself out there more.

And you can see how it unfolds that we sometimes aren’t working directly for what we want…

So my question for you is… Could you cut out the middle-man goal of what you thought you wanted and start working directly towards your root desires now?

It may be that working from the roots up leads you much more easily to the original goal as well. I’ll have more on that idea next week, but for now I’d love for you to start exploring what’s at the root of your goals; what ways of being or feelings you want to experience on a deeper level.

Spend some time with these questions this week, and please share what you find.