Getting What You Really Want & Costa Rica Pics!

I am powerful beyond measure.

And guess what?


How do I know?

Well, years ago, I dreamed up a business where I travel and lead people on amazing, transformative experiences. At the time, it felt beyond impossible. Beyond, beyond impossible. And yet sitting in Costa Rica last week watching the sunset, I realized it's actually finally happening. And I created it from nothing.

I am just an ordinary gal who decided to create what I wanted and really go for it. And I know with every fabric of my being you can do the same for whatever it is your beautiful, unique, beating heart desires.

Today I want to share with you some heartfelt, hard won thoughts on how...

1- Admit what you REALLY want.

This one sounds simple, but can actually be one of the most challenging parts for two reasons. First, our minds and the people around us are often quick to tell us we can't when we tentatively voice our dreams. I had people tell me retreats don't make money and that the time frame we had for Costa Rica would never work; not to mention the doubts of my own mind about getting people to come. With all of this doubt, it becomes easier to put our real dreams aside as too big or too much for us to pull off.

Second, we often get stuck on what we think we need to have first in order to get what we truly want. "I need to lose weight." Ok, but why? "I need to make more money." Ok, but why? Look at your current desire or goal and ask yourself...

"What will having that do for me?"

If you want to lose weight so you can attract a partner, what you really want is a partner. If you want to lose weight so you can feel good about yourself, what you really want is to feel good about yourself. The two may be connected, but one might not be as strict of a requirement to get the other as you think.

Admitting what you really want can be scarier, but going for it directly is far more likely to bring it your way quickly and easily.

2- Have the courage to go for it.

Put it out there. Find positive, uplifting, going for their dreams kind of people and tell them, "Hey, I'm going for this!"

Take baby steps. Just do the next thing in front of you.

Let go of how you think it should look, what the time frame should be, how other people have done it and the story that you are too far behind. Let go. Forgive yourself for not being perfect and Just. Keep. Moving.

3- Get into beta mode.

Experiment. Try things out. Take the pressure off. 

Getting healthier, growing your business, learning to love yourself, attracting your soul mate, these are processes. They take time. Treat the whole thing like a grand experiment, an adventure. See what works and what doesn't. Make mistakes. Try new methods. 

Be open to having fun with it. To making the journey feel as good as you want the destination to feel. It's really not so serious when you think about it.

4- Ask for and receive help.

We do not have to do it all on our own. I 100% would not have pulled off my first retreat without my coaches, mentors, and my partner in crime, Brittany. Right up until the week before we launched the retreat website, I was asking Brittany if we should postpone, wait a few more months, not do it. She grabbed my hand and helped me make the leap (pushed me in??).

It's not only ok to ask for help, it's essential. A helping hand can guide you to your true desires, keep you on course when you want to give up, show you the perspective you aren't seeing, connect you with the right guy or the next client, grab your hand and help you leap when you're too scared.

Having help on the journey has been absolutely life changing for me. And I am honored to play that role for my clients as they go for their dreams and learn to love themselves.

Learn how I work and discover if I might be the right mentor for you by booking a free call here.

5- Build positive energy into your life.

This simple step is perhaps the most life changing. It makes you like a magnet, easily attracting the things you want. I've really committed even more deeply to this practice in 2016, and the results in what I have been able to create and how goofily happy I felt have been mind blowing.

I used to spend all of my energy lamenting that I felt sad and that my brain didn't work properly and I would always feel depressed. It never occurred to me that I could first, accept and love myself when I felt sad and second, choose to build in and create joy when I didn't. Joy doesn't always just show up, sometimes we have to create joy to feel it as often as we'd like.

Two simple ways to start building more positivity into your life:

- Get grateful. Give thanks every day for every blessing you have. Get giddy with gratitude. That your eyes see, that you have a warm bed, that water is so refreshing when you're really thirsty.

- Use affirmations. Rather than give into the negative drivel your brain spouts all day long, choose and use positive thoughts more often. "I love my life. Awesome things are always happening to me." "I am an awesome person. I freakin' love myself." Start with what feels true-ish for you and build up to more positive thoughts in time. Give into the silly-ness of it and just let it feel good. I'd rather be silly and happy than never look goofy, but feel down on myself.

You are powerful BEYOND measure.

Trust me, you are. You just may not know it yet. With a bit of practice, open heartedness, and loving help, I know you will begin to feel it too.

What one baby step will you take this week to start calling it in?

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