Are You Frustrated? Exhausted? Overwhelmed?


Often times along with the new year hullabaloo, there can also be a sense of frustration. Another year and I’m still working on this. Another year and this is still on my goal list. WTF.
Can you relate?
What I’ve found in myself and in my clients is that this frustrated piece of us is really good at taking over and running the show. Meaning when we feel frustrated with ourselves or where we are in our lives or both, it feels like that frustration is all there is. I should be further along by now, period.
So we let this frustrated piece set the intentions, set the daily habits, set the goals. We let the frustrated piece push us and make us feel behind. We let the frustrated piece drive us to exhaustion and overwhelm. 
Then we wonder why we feel so tired and unmotivated. Then we get more frustrated with ourselves. And the cycle continues. Am I right??
This frustration is indeed very good at taking over and causing quite a bit of mayhem while it’s at it.

So today I want to invite you to notice that the part of you that’s frustrated is actually just one part of you.
For instance, there’s also the part of you that feels scared – scared to do what you need to do or scared that you aren’t capable of doing it. And there’s the part of you that feels tired or overwhelmed. The part of you that just wants relief, to give it all up entirely.
Now I want you to notice the part of you that knows that everything is actually ok. The part that can hold all the frustration and fear and sadness and simply sit with it.
Maybe it’s in your heart or in your yoni or along your spine. Maybe it’s a shimmery energy around your whole body. Just open your mind and notice.
This might take some practice, especially if you’ve never tried to do this before. Close your eyes, take some slow deep breaths and ask yourself, where is the part of me that knows everything is ok? Whatever you experience, take a few more deep breaths and really soften into that.
See if you can feel a little relief. A little release. A softening.
Or if you can’t, check in and see if you need to create space for that release to happen. Get up and shake your whole body. Scream into a pillow. Fake laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh. Move and sound however your body wants, regardless of how silly or weird it might seem. Go until your body is ready to stop.
And now try again. Close your eyes. Where is the part of me that knows everything is ok? That knows I am where I am and can simply soften and open into that?
What does this piece – this piece of you that can hold and accept all of your pieces – what does it know about your intentions and goals for 2018? What does this piece know about what your body and spirit truly need to thrive this year? What wisdom does it have for you?


Breathe. Listen and breathe.


Whether you are able to tap into this accepting of it all piece of you or not, it doesn’t matter. You can still notice how the frustrated piece is just one part of you.

And the more awareness you bring to that piece – maybe even giving it a name or a persona – the more you can notice when it’s running your show and question whether you want to buy into everything it says about where you “should” be by now and how much shit you “should” have on your to do list.
Because I promise, when you stop letting your frustrated piece blindly run the show, the new year feels a lot more simple, gentle, and potentially expansive.
My intention for this space in 2018 is to share practices which are helpful and transformational, ideas and invitations that bring you home to you. The truth of you. That means more awareness, more breathing, more expansion, more surrender, more exploration, more confidence, more trust. You have everything you need within you already, sweet one. Let's explore it together.

Thank you so much for being here.

Lots of love and self-compassion to you for wherever you are today –

Rachel SizemoreComment