I'm feeling a bit nervous to share this...


I feel a little shy reaching out because I've been so quiet in this space for so long. I want this to be helpful AND honest AND interesting... and well it's feeling like a lot of pressure! 

So I'm just wading in with an open heart and sharing a bit of what I've been up to, a favorite tool for creating true thriving, and an exciting offering I have for us to hang out and grow together. 

This past year, I have gone deeper into myself than ever before and that required space... a stepping back and allowing all of the pressures and shoulds to truly fall away.
And in that space, I've been rediscovering me. Who I am, what I truly care about, and how I want to show up when I'm not just doing what I'm supposed to do and checking the boxes I've been told to check.

It's been scary. Triggering. Destabilizing. But it's also been expansive. Freeing. Wild. And fun. Seriously fun. 

It's involved crying deep, body-racking sobs in the jungle in Mexico, giggling uncontrollably with my soul sisters talking pussies and periods and the rise of the divine feminine, driving across the southwest desert by myself, stepping up to teach and lead in big new ways, and laying on the Earth, more times than I can count, just surrendering to the unknown and asking to be led.

I’ve been discovering a new way of creating my life and right alongside, a new way of creating my business. One that is unapologetically me, definitively soul-led and way more fluid. There’s no more doing X because that’s how it's supposed to be done. It’s all coming from my truth and my heart.

So it might be surprising to hear, but my business has been steadily growing even as I’ve been quiet here and on social media. I’ve been gently offering my gifts mostly via referrals, my warm network, and my intuition's guidance. I've been deepening my capacity to hold powerful, healing space, as a coach and now as a breathwork healer and facilitator, studying under my amazing teachers, Erin Telford and David Elliott. 

The result is I’m more grounded and calm, I’m more lit up and filled up by my work, and my clients are thriving more than ever.

After all of those years of striving and trying so fucking hard, it's honestly almost unbelievable how tender and simple this growing success in business and budding joy in my life feels.

So I breathe, and I hold the pieces of me that still feel small and scared, and I invite myself to keep trusting and keep opening up. One messy, imperfect day at a time. 

I wish I could write you a 5 step formula or give you an infallible map to creating your own inner alignment, thriving and peace. Goodness knows I've tried to write many such formulas and tried to follow other's magic recipes many times over the years.

But what I'm learning as I step into this deeper, more intuitive growth is that everyone's path is unique. There is no one size fits all and that's a big part of where we collectively get ourselves into trouble - attempting to follow someone else's map and then beating ourselves up when we can't follow through or it doesn't work for us. 

So over the next few weeks, I want to share a few of the tools that have been essential for me. For each, I invite you to check in with your intuition and see which, if any, are calling to you to explore further.

Raising my consciousness - waking up to a deeper awareness around life and how my brain works - has been without a doubt the most impactful step I've taken.

Whether that be committing to daily meditation, radically slowing down, working to break my cell phone addiction, breathwork (more on that coming soon!), having the difficult conversations, or reading Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now, doing the things that invite me to wake up to deeper truth and reality has been life changing.

Nothing has brought me inner peace like dropping into the now and catching my mind in the act of doing it's crazy dance. It makes every tool I've learned over the years way easier to use and reap the benefits from. 

And of all the methods to grow more conscious, reading the Power of Now has been for me the simplest and most powerful way to accelerate that growth. Not only do you learn concepts from the reading, but you literally grow more conscious as you read because of the powerful flame of Eckhart's consciousness. Sounds weird I know, but trust me, it's really a thing!

**COME READ WITH ME** I loved the Power of Now so much that I'm creating a book club for us to read it in community. Every week in September 2018 we'll meet virtually 5pm PT | 8pm ET to discuss the book and focus on waking up. It starts Tuesday Sept 4th so don't dally if this is calling you.

This is truly a soul calling for me to offer this and all of the $20 registration fee will be donated to TreeSisters - an amazing organization working to reforest the planet.

Take a few deep breaths... if your knowing is calling you forward to this I highly recommend you stop thinking about it and just dive in.


I'm open to keeping the book club going after September and/or offering additional meeting times, so if you're interested and Tuesday nights in September don't work for you, please respond to this email and let me know!

If the Power of Now isn't calling to you right now, I also really enjoy my Insight Timer App (free meditation app), my teacher Erin Telford's instagram feed (@erintelford_), David Elliott's book Healing, and Jess Lively's podcast, The Lively Show

I'm so excited to share more impactful healing tools and fun ways for us to work together over the coming weeks. And I hope to see some of you Tuesday night for book club!
Sending you so much love,

The book club is now over but if you’re interested in joining the next round, email me at rachel@rachelsizemore.com.

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