Feminine Productivity & Flow

Things have been a little quiet here since the launch of Ripen a month ago. I realized this week why that is and wanted to share since this perspective on productivity might be helpful for you too.  

During the launch, I was in full-on Summer, feeling confident, productive, energetic.

After all that hubbub, I entered into Autumn, a period of questioning, discomfort, lack of focus.

And as of this week, I've descended into Winter, slow, low energy, total lack of motivation.

I used to get stressed out and beat myself up for periods of questioning and low motivation. But now I realize it is all part of the natural cycle of productivity and life.

As much as we view ourselves as apart from nature, we truly are as much made up of earth and nature as the tree outside your window. Nature moves in cycles, and so do we.

Yet our culture creates no space for the full cycle. We are expected to be full-on Summer all of the time, and as a result we are running on empty, lacking motivation and energy, depressed, anxious, and worst of all, blaming and judging ourselves for not getting everything done. 

We deny ourselves Autumn and Winter, and as a result many of us get stuck there. Unproductive, unenergized, bleh. Can you relate? 

My invitation to you today is to reflect on where you are in your life currently, what the flavor of this time is for you, and to give yourself permission to be there. If that is a time of doubt and self-questioning and discomfort, give yourself space to be in that Autumn season. If you are in winter like me, allow yourself a bit of time to just rest and feel no motivation.

Spring and Summer will be back, I promise. The quickest way to reboot motivation and productivity is to give yourself permission to experience the full cycle. 


If you feel stuck in a prolonged Winter period, I invite you to check out my interview with Amanda Testa, episode 6 on Ripen. She shares her experience of being totally burnt out and disengaged after becoming a mom, and how she used pleasure and desire to find herself and her joy again.  

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