A little reminder...


The energy can be big this time of year – travel, family, holidays, parties and extra obligations. Plus the end of year push to get things wrapped up and finished before the clock strikes 12 on Dec 31. It’s a lot.
So I just wanted to pop into your inbox today to remind you that you are enough.

What you’ve accomplished this year is enough. What you look like is enough. What you’ve done to care for everyone else around you is enough.
It’s ok to take a breath. Ok to let some things go. Ok to soften and slow down into shorter days and the need for more rest.
You don’t have to keep pushing, keep figuring, keep fixing. You don’t have to keep endlessly striving for more.
The peace and joy in this season (and really every season) comes from slowing down, savoring, and appreciating... not from rushing to get it all done. 
It’s ok to take a breath. Ok to let some things go.
It’s ok to take some time just for you. You deserve it, just because.
You are enough.

I see you and I love you just the way you are.

Upcoming Virtual Breathwork Classes

Dear Loves, if it feels aligned, I invite you to come breathe with me. Come breathe to clear out your old hurt and pain. To release the victim energy, the sadness, and the anger that hold you back from creating intimate connection and finding your inner peace during the holiday season. 

Breathwork is a powerful, beautiful, life-changing spiritual practice. I am so excited to share it with you!

Rachel SizemoreComment