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For the very first episode of Ripen, I am introducing you to myself and the vulnerable parts of my journey that lead me to this moment. In January of 2016, I launched a new brand - Sexy In Your Own Skin - and as I describe in the episode, I had no idea the can of worms I was opening.

Turns out, you can't just try to eat healthy and wish yourself into feeling sexy, energized, and confident in your body! I needed to bring feminine energy and sexuality to the table, too.

It's been a wild (and fun) ride, and I've loved it so much I'm currently completing a Sex, Love, & Relationship Coaching Certification to help me go even deeper in these areas with my clients.

In this episode, I bring you up close and personal and jam on…

+  How I realized as I launched my "Sexy In Your Own Skin" brand that I didn't feel sexy… I felt tired

+  Why I am talking about sex and the impact reclaiming this part of myself has had

+  The three main actions that have guided my journey as I've deepened into feeling sexy in my own skin and started to create Ripen

+  The surprising (and vulnerable to admit) thing I discovered when I began connecting to my body and working with a jade yoni egg  

+  The self doubt I had around whether I even have intuition

+  What it means to be a woman TURNED ON - a woman who is confident, energized, powerful, sexual, fully alive

Welcome to Ripen! I'm so grateful you are here. Enjoyed hearing my story? I'd love to hear yours... drop me a line at rachel(at)rachelsizemore.com. 


Love this podcast? Subscribe to stay up to date with new episodes: iTunes or Stitcher


+  Jade Egg from Layla Martin

+  Outrageous Openness, Tosha Silver

+  Coaching and mentoring with me


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