{ripen 005} What to Do When You Realize Your Life Has to Change with Tiffany Josephs


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The night I met Tiffany, I first saw her across a crowded room. She was wearing this smokin' hot red dress and had this beautiful mane of hair and red lips. She got up to lead the group in a meditation around the senses, and, well, you can just picture me sitting in the audience, wide eyed, jaw hanging slightly open, like ahhhh yeah, "I want what she's having!"

In that pursuit, I learned that Tiffany can command a room with that kind of magnetism because of the work of her soul, the work of bringing the magic of the soul realm into her daily life.

That idea might seem abstract or even unreal if you've never been exposed to it before - I know it did for me - but that's why I love this interview so much. It eases you in and has the potential to blow your heart wide open.

This interview is deep. It's powerful. It's inviting you to go beneath the surface of your life, to go within, and to begin a process that isn't always easy, but is certain to be filled with expansion and possibility… and magic.

Tiffany was one of the first people to inspire me to discover something greater and deeper within myself and to bring more magic into my life. It is my sincere hope that this interview brings a little bit of that magic to you.

Listen in as Tiffany and I go deep on…

+  That moment when you realize your life has to change; you just can't keep going the same way, and how we can begin to change and to take that journey into ourselves

+  How we can bring the magic of the soul realm into the reality of our daily lives and the strength and joy we can access if we do

+  Scouring the wisdom of your own soul vs looking outside of yourself for the prescription or the right way to do it

+  Exploring the masculine and feminine energies that are within all of us and how we can shift the balance of those energies to show up more fully and effectively in our lives

+  A simple practice you can use when you find yourself feeling behind, comparing yourself to others, and wondering, "Why am I not there yet?

And loads, loads more!


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+  The Rumi quote that Tiffany mentions, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field.  I'll meet you there.”

+  Blog post from Tiffany about honoring our own rhythms and allowing our full range


Tiffany Josephs is a mentor, stylist, and creator of Magic Carpet Life, a lifestyle blog for magic-makers and earth-shakers. A romantic at heart and mystic in her soul, she's devoted to inspiring more women to create lives they feel at home in, spaces they love to walk into, and a more colorful expression of personal style.

Connect with Tiffany: 

+  Website: tiffanyjosephs.com

+  Instagram: @magiccarpetlife


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