{ripen 008} The Jade Yoni Egg & Igniting Your Pleasure with Violet Lange


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The Jade Egg Episode is finally here! Without a doubt since baring my soul and sharing my experience re-awakening my connection to my body in the first episode of Ripen, the question I have been asked the most is, "What's the deal with that Jade Egg thing you talked about?!?!"

The Jade Egg is a small, egg shaped stone you can use for what are essentially, at the most basic level, more elaborate and effective Kegel exercises that can reawaken loads of sensation in your vagina (hello more interest in and enjoyment of sex!). Sounds crazy, I know, but the Egg has truly been a major healing tool for me, and I'm excited to share more about it with you.

To that end, I've brought in the lovely Violet Lange of The Pleasure Path to talk about all things Jade Egg!   

Listen in as Violet and I jam on…

+  How to get started and the benefits of working with a Jade Egg

+  The two ways to approach using your Egg - As Violet describes them, the "Brushing Your Teeth Mode" (for the busy gal) and the "Intentional Practice Mode" (for bigger benefits)

+  How to inserting the Egg and the powerful practice of checking in with your vagina before penetrating her

+  Using the Jade Egg for restoring vaginal sensation and healing - from sexual trauma, from residual shame from a sex negative upbringing, or even from simply not treating your vagina with TLC over your sexual lifetime

Violet and I both share a lot about our personal experiences with using the Egg and our healing journeys. I hope this helps you feel normal (YOU ARE!) and inspires you to get started working with the Jade Egg.

I'm planning a Q&A on all things Jade Egg - if this episode brings up questions for you please submit them to rachel@rachelsizemore.com and I'll answer them (anonymously!)  on an upcoming episode.



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+  The Jade Egg that Violet recommends purchasing

+  Virtual Jade Egg Summit with Violet Lange, sign up to get alerted to details and to receive your free Jade Egg Basic Guide

+  The Art of Passionate Intimacy, Violet's private Facebook group

+  Jade Pleasure, 7 week virtual Jade Egg course with Layla Martin - I mention this course in the episode since I loved doing it so much myself. The doors are currently closed for the program and won't open again until Fall of 2017. Email me at rachel@rachelsizemore.com if you want to be alerted when it opens next and be eligible for extra special bonuses for signing up through me. 


Violet Lange is the founder of The Pleasure Path. She loves to help women find pleasure even after pain, trauma, or heartbreak. If you're looking to add more passion to your relationship or create lasting love, request to join her free Facebook group, The Art of Passionate Intimacy. If you're interested in the healing, pleasure, and power of Jade Eggs, you won't want to miss the Jade Egg Summit -- click here to get alerted to details and to receive your free Jade Egg Basic Guide. Violet recommends only these eggs.

Connect with Violet:

+  Website: The Pleasure Path

+  Facebook: /thepleasurpath

+  Instagram: @thepleasurepath


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