{ripen 011} Free Yourself from the Pain of Negative Emotions


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The "negative" emotions - sadness, anxiety, anger, despair - can make us so uncomfortable that we push them down and turn to our devices, Netflix or a glass of wine to check out. We simply haven't been taught how to deal with them.

And not only do we stuff down or numb these emotions, we often tell ourselves negative stories about what it means that we have these emotions. These stories hold the emotions, and us, hostage, causing us to feel stuck and even hopeless.

The good news is it's actually relatively simple to change your perspective on your emotions and handle them with a lot more ease.

In this episode, I help you out with just that! I share...

+  How the stories our brains tell about our emotions powerfully influence our lives and how we show up

+  The enlightening framework of primary vs secondary emotions

+  How I used this framework to heal my depression

+  3 steps to deal with secondary emotions and release the pain of "negative" emotions

+  How we can use our emotions to get clearer about what we want and what's true for us

+  A simple mindset shift that can free up so much energy for motivation and taking action



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+  Guest post I wrote on the Container Collective Yoga blog about shifting my perspective on my depression

+  1-1 Transformational Private Coaching with Rachel



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