{ripen 013} What to Do When You're Stuck in a Rut with Connie Chapman


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Tuning into your unique intuition and desires - sounds lovely in theory but can be a bit tricky in practice - particularly if we are in the habit of racing through life and filling any downtime scrolling on the phone.

But if we don't slow down to do the inner work of connecting with ourselves and clearing out old pain and resistance, we often find ourselves stuck in a rut, recreating the same crappy situations over and over again.

In this episode of Ripen, I chat with Connie Chapman about what it really looks like, step by step to go within, even when it feels incredibly uncomfortable.

Listen in as Connie and I discuss…

+  A step by step process to finally clear old recurring patterns and habits

+  The magic that comes from connecting with yourself and aligning to your truth

+  Anxiety and how Connie has been able to make peace with her life long struggle with it

+  Connie's daily practice that keeps her living in her truth while still achieving her goals



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+  Awaken Radio, Connie's amazing podcast *My faves include episodes #70, #68, #60

+  Gabby Bernstein

+  Free Yourself from the Pain of Negative Emotions, Episode 11 of Ripen      



Connie Chapman is a Life Coach, Speaker and Writer empowering big dreamers and soul seekers to create lives they love (from the inside out). Through her international 1:1 coaching practice she has personally guided hundreds of women and men to break free of their limitations and unlock their true potential.

Connie is the creator of The 90 Day Transformation Project, and host of the top ranking podcast Awaken Radio, which shares heart-felt conversations and inspiring interviews with experts and thought leaders from all over the world.

Known for her authentic, honest and soulful approach, Connie's transformative work is all about re-connecting with your heart and inner wisdom, embodying more love, peace and freedom, creating a mindset that empowers you, and learning to truly accept and value yourself. 

Connect with Connie:

+  Website: conniechapman.com

+  Facebook: /conniechapmanpage

+  Instagram: /connie_chapman *Connie's insta-stories are the best!

+  Twitter: /_conniechapman_

+  Pinterest: /conniechapman13


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