Social Media Makes Me Feel Like Turds


I have to confess, I hate my inbox. In fact, I have a rather challenging relationship with most things digital these days. As I get more present to my thoughts and emotions unfolding moment to moment, I see all too clearly how being so “connected” often makes me feel – overwhelmed, ashamed, frustrated, sad, anxious.
And though I think it’s wonderful that we exist in a time when pretty much anyone can pop up a virtual shingle and say, “I’m in business. I can help you,” I get discouraged by so much of what I see. Because a lot of what’s out there is just a prettied up version of “You’re not [insert the word based on your particular insecurity in life right now: thin, successful, sexy, balanced, productive, healthy, youthful, stylish, happy] enough AKA you’re not good enough and I have all of the answers to fix you.
I know there have been times in my own 6 years in business when I’ve come across this way too.
I have always tried to hold and share the value that we deserve to accept and love ourselves just as we are, but as long as I have been working on this, it’s been hard to live it fully. It’s been hard for me to fully love and accept myself in a world that is (and has been from the moment of my birth) constantly bombarding me with messaging about how I should look, what I should achieve, and how I should behave.
Many times I tried to use self-love and acceptance as a way to help speed up my self-fixing. But that’s not true self-love, not even close. Because I don’t need fixing. And neither do you.
It’s living in the state we’re in now – so identified with our mind and it’s stories and fears and insecurities that makes us feel broken, small, and scared. That makes us feel like we’re not good enough.
It’s the willingness to get present, to begin to explore what’s there beyond a life zoomed in on and obsessed with the frantic workings of the mind where true acceptance and peace lie. And that’s available to you right now, in this present moment.
As I shared a few weeks back, growing more conscious and in particular reading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite methods for finding this deeper peace within. 
Another is Breathwork.
I’ve been studying Breathwork for 2 years now, and I am so excited to finally be sharing it with all of you!

Breathwork is unique style of meditation that involves a sustained active breath that's done a bit more intensely and longer than anything you’ve experienced in a yoga class.

The active breath oxygenates the body, stimulates endorphins and gently quiets the mind.
It creates space for a gentle release of stuck energy, emotions, and thought patterns – the things hanging around in your body that make it uncomfortable for you to sit still in normal meditation or even just in a long line at the shop without breaking out your phone.
And as you release, you open up space to experience more – more presence, more love, more connection to Spirit and your truth.
You get to explore and experience what it’s like to live beyond the mind and it’s constant fear drama.
It’s a self-healing practice, where I hold space for you to do your own work and find your own answers.
It’s hard to put into words. But, as my teacher David Elliott says, it’s the best shortcut he knows to true healing and inner peace.

Starting next week, I’ll be offering a virtual group Breathwork class every month so you can experience this incredible practice from the comfort of your own home.
First timers are totally welcome. I invite you to take a breath and check in with your intuition. If this is calling to you, I would absolutely love to have you join.

Dates for the November and December classes have been released and registrations are now open.
More details about each Breathwork class can be found here. The first one is next Tuesday Nov 13th - soon, so don't dally!

Lastly, I just want to say, so much of the online world makes my skin crawl. It’s a big part of the reason I’ve been mostly quiet on here and social media. I frankly don’t know how or how much I want to engage with it, because more than anything I do not want to contribute to you feeling not good enough.  

Thank you for sticking with me as I sort out how I can be the most powerful, loving, and self-loving teacher and healer I can be. If you’ve read this far, I trust you can feel how committed I am to that.

Sending you so much love,

tl;dr I'm offering virtual Breathwork classes every month starting next week. Breathwork helps you disengage from the crazy, should-based stressed out world we live in so you can experience true healing, acceptance and inner peace. It's rad.

Upcoming Virtual Breathwork Classes

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