The #1 block that's getting in your way

What is the #1 block that's getting in your way?

Your mind.

Sounds strange, right? But for most of us it's true.

Your mind - specifically that nagging voice that never seems to stop - is holding you stuck and zapping your motivation.

Spend a day consciously listening to that voice, and you'll see. 

New idea strikes you. Voice says, "That's a terrible idea. That's dumb. I'll never pull that off. Why bother?"

It's time to get started on a big project. Voice says, "This is hard. I'm not good at this stuff. I hate this."

All day long this voice is creating problems and drama, leading you to feel tired, unmotivated, overwhelmed.

So what can we do? For better or for worse, that voice is our constant companion, and we still need to get shit done. TRUTH!

Well, here are three strategies to help you stay motivated and productive even with this naysayer living in your head.

1-Get curious about what's really beneath the negative chatter. 
Often times it's just noise, but sometimes there are nuggets of truth in there. Deeper fears we haven't recognized. Deeper longings we haven't uncovered. 

You can use this information to adjust course if needed, and more importantly to specifically reassure your naysayer voice and yourself. Let your voice know that it's being heard and that you're ok. You don't have to be perfect, this project doesn't have to be perfect, you're just going to get in the game and get started.

2-Quiet your mind by using pleasure to get out of your head and into your body. 

Most of us go around brain focused all day everyday. We forget that we can turn our awareness to our body for a bit and that turns the volume down on our mind. 

That's part of what's happening when you meditate. And meditation is great, but sometimes pleasure can be an easier access point if you're new to this stuff. Eat a piece of fruit and focus intensely on the taste. Go for a walk and get hyper focus on what you are seeing, the sky, the trees, the sidewalk. Have a solo or partner sex sesh and really tune into your sensation of touch. 

Focus on your body, and your mind will take a rest. This allows new inspiration to flow in and for you to build your energy for getting things done.

3-Swap out old limiting stories for new, expansive ones.

In Episode 10 of Ripen (around minute 13:45), my guest Lisa Foster shares a powerful framework for changing your state when you're in a funk and stuck in small thoughts. She calls it the "Bridge to Big," and it's designed to help you get out of the story and back into impactful action. 


This is one of my favorite nuggets of wisdom that's been shared on Ripen so far. Check it out here!

Just having the awareness that the voice in your head could be your biggest block to getting what you want is a powerful first step. I encourage you to approach it gently and with compassion though... judging yourself for this voice is just one more way we can get stuck in small thoughts. 

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