What makes you happy?

Light some candles. Draw a delicious bath. Lock the door for a few quiet moments all. to. yourself.

When is the last time you engaged in a truly self-nurturing, guilt-free, positive, self-love and endorphin building activity just for you?

Last week? Last month? Can't remember the last time? I might as well be speaking in tongues?
I used to let myself get so busy. Every day packed to the gills so much that when I had a free moment, all I had the energy to do was scroll on my phone and zone out. My version of "self-care" was trying to make sure I cooked dinner and worked out a few times a week - it was way more about looking and being a certain way than simply enjoying myself.
I've even had moments where I've had to ask myself, "What do I actually like doing? What makes me happy?"
Many of us wear our busyness like a point of pride. It's understandable in our culture which elevates doing, achieving, striving above all else and rarely ceases to remind us what we haven't accomplished and where our lives are falling short.
And we wonder why there is an epidemic of anxiety and depression, of women hating their bodies, of a persistent sense of "I'm not enough, I'm behind."

The solution can't be the same crap that got us here - do more, try harder, find more motivation, gut it out and hope at the end you'll feel happy "when…"

It's carving out moments of joy and self-tenderness and pleasure, right now. Before the house is clean, before your emails are answered, before the kids' lunches are packed, before you land that promotion or get pregnant or start your business. Right now.
And it's not just for fun. It can literally change your life.
Build your joy, calm your monkey mind, grow your confidence, help you love your body - there are SO many benefits to engaging in pleasurable alone time that will ripple out into every area of your life.
So that's your challenge this week. Lock the door. No devices. Just you and whatever makes you feel good. Give yourself 10 minutes, and I guarantee you will notice a difference in how you feel the rest of the day. Give yourself 30, and it could affect your whole week.

Some ideas to get you started...

1-Ripen Episode 4. Kit Murray Maloney and I talk about how to start adding little moments of pleasure into your day, with ideas ranging from taking 30 seconds to light a candle to a body love practice you can try during your next shower. 

2-Jade Pleasure with Layla Martin. I did Layla's 7 week virtual jade egg course last spring and it blew my heart wide open.

The course includes a 100% Canadian nephrite Jade Egg, and if you purchase through my affiliate link, you'll receive a bonus 30-minute coaching call with me to give you extra support as you work through the class. 

If you're curious about my experience working through Layla's course and why I love it enough to affiliate for it, I wrote a blog post giving you all of the juicy details

Creating little pockets of pleasure filled time - particularly using the Jade Egg - has been so impactful for me, I can't wait for you to play around with it! 

PS Jade Pleasure closes Tuesday April 11th and won't open again until the end of the year, so don't wait to sign up! Send me any questions you have at rachel@rachelsizemore.com and don't forget if you use my link, we'll have a juicy 30 minutes together to help you get the most out of the course!

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