Breathwork & Spirituality


Breathwork is an active meditation and a transformational self-healing practice.

Lying down, you sustain an active breathing pattern that gently oxygenates your body. The increased oxygen naturally quiets the mind and releases mood boosting endorphins, similar to vigorous exercise.

As the mind quiets, the body begins to open, and you can physically release pent-up stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, and self-doubt from your nervous system. This is far more effective than attempting to change these emotional experiences with your mind.

With these old, stuck emotional energies released, you create space to experience more of your true self and your vibrant, life-force energy flowing through and animating your body.

You begin to come fully alive - again or maybe for the first time in your life.


Every Breathwork experience is unique and effects compound over time through guided and personal practice. Benefits of the practice include:


  • Reduce physical pain, tension, and discomfort

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Increase feel-good endorphins

  • Improve sleep



  • Release stress

  • Calm a busy, overwhelmed mind

  • Reduce repetitive worry thoughts

  • Stop manifesting the same experiences over and over and start living from a place of self-empowerment


  • Reduce anxiety, fear, anger and frustration

  • Release sadness, depression, and grief

  • Experience deep feelings of love, joy, and gratitude

  • Become less self-critical and more self-accepting

  • Become less emotionally sensitive and more intuitively sensitive



  • Connect to your intuition and Spirit

  • Gain clarity and insight about your path and direction

  • Fuel up on life-force energy

  • Become more centered and confident within yourself

  • Access expanded states of consciousness


Virtual Breathwork Healing Session

Each session begins with grounding and intention setting for the session. Then you will do 25-30 minutes of active breathing with music and intuitive guidance to deepen your experience. Session concludes with a deep relaxation period and a brief integration to support your healing journey.

$150 for 75 minutes

Rachel’s Breathwork is a spiritual practice. She holds a deep space and guides you out of the mind’s chatter into a space of presence, peace and inner knowing. Her playlists and prompts are full of synchronicity and are infused with the intuitive feeling for what wants to move, be witnessed and integrated. Rachel’s essence is full of grace, no-nonsense, playful and raw and it feels delicious to be guided by her.
— Ksenya Egorova