The Business & Pleasure Mastermind is here to hold loving space for you to consistently build your business in alignment with YOU.


It can be hard to stay focused and take the sometimes scary steps required to grow a business on your own.

But a lot of the business support out there is intense, overly masculine, and based heavily on the "shoulds." 

The Business & Pleasure Mastermind is uniquely powerful as it continuously holds space for you to get in touch with your truth, your calling, your heart path AND to take bold, inspired action in bringing your vision to life. 



The Business & Pleasure Mastermind is weekly support and accountability to help you grow your business consistently, joyfully and with your unique magic.


The Business & Pleasure Mastermind is for you if you desire... 

  • Support to help you take consistent action and build momentum in your business
  • Space held for you to tap into your inner guidance so you can create a business in alignment with your heart's path
  • To heal and integrate old patterns and beliefs that block you from playing big and taking inspired action
  • Success that flows with relative ease and feels lit up, joyful and aligned
  • To build your business while caring for and creating thriving in your nervous system
  • To explore using sexual energy and pleasure to fuel your business and magnetize your ideal clients


The Business & Pleasure Mastermind Includes... 



The first and third Mondays of the month, we meet for a focused hour of accountability, mindset and motivation support, and group coaching to make sure you are prepared and excited for the week ahead.

Mondays, 11am Los Angeles | 2pm New York | 7pm London | 60 minutes

NOTE: If the group size permits, I am open to adding an Australian friendly call time. Please email me at if timing is a concern for you.


Breathwork is an active meditation technique that allows you to release stuck energy and emotional patterns and to connect deeply with your heart and your truth. I'll create space for you to integrate pieces of your bodymind that are blocking your success, to open your heart and access the wisdom within, and to build a thriving ecology in your nervous system.

Thursdays, 12pm Los Angeles | 3pm New York | 8pm London | 60 minutes

All calls will be recorded for you to revisit at any time. 


A community of sisters to mastermind with throughout the week and help you stay motivated and accountable. Expect a safe space to celebrate wins, work through challenges, and lift each other up. You are not building this business all on your own anymore!


And This Very Special Bonus...




Experience live, guided Jade Egg practices each month to help you deepen your connection with your body and your sexuality. Practices will explore using sexual energy in service to your business and igniting your personal magnetism. Yum!

Call times will be announced each month and will vary with the moon.



Your Monthly Investment


Business & Pleasure Mastermind

Monthly Membership



There is no obligation in filling out the application. I’ll respond to you with next steps within 48 hours of receipt.


100% Risk-Free Guarantee


If you attend and participate in all the live group coaching calls and breathwork healing sessions and for any reason are not satisfied with the results of the mastermind, I'll refund your money within the first 30 days.

Try it out risk-free and discover if this experience is the right support for you.



This feels like a big commitment! I'm a little nervous to commit to the weekly calls.


The Business & Pleasure Mastermind is a big commitment - to your expansion as a business owner and your personal integration and healing. You will be encouraged to build your business at the right pace for you, AND showing up for yourself each week for accountability and healing will allow your business journey to flow faster and easier. 

There will be a week off for rest and integration approximately every 6 weeks, resulting in 5-6 free weeks between May and December 2018.

Currently scheduled free weeks (the remainder will be announced shortly):

July 23-29, 2018

November 19-25, 2018

December 24-30, 2018

What is your cancellation policy?


I recommend committing to at least 3 months of the Mastermind in order to start seeing the full benefits in your life and business. However, you may cancel at any time, as long as you give written, emailed notice 7 days before your next monthly payment. Partial refunds will not be given if you wish to cancel mid-month.

There is also a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for the Business & Pleasure Mastermind. If you attend and participate in all of the accountability calls and healing sessions and are unsatisfied with the program, you can receive a full refund of your first month's payment.

What will I learn in the Business & Pleasure Mastermind?


The core focus of the Mastermind is supporting you to take inspired action, consistently, joyfully and with ease. It is not a business or marketing training program.

I will share bits of the core philosophy behind B&P each week to help you feel clear, supported and yummy in taking regular action.

The key tenets of the core philosophy are -

  • ALIGNMENT: Connect to your truth, your energy, and your lit up why to build a business that that you enjoy working on and in and uses your unique magic and magnetism
  • OUTER WORK: Taking action flows easiest when you are in alignment, clear and highly focused on one big project or goal at a time
  • INNER WORK: Taking action flows easiest when you create integration and thriving on all 3 levels of the brain and use sexual energy for fuel and magnetism.
  • MINDSET: Shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset (to be explained in depth in the Mastermind) allows you to move past comparison, not good enough, feeling behind and other blocks which get in the way of consistent action. This has been the most game changing tenet for me and I'm so excited to share it with you. It's also inner work but it's so important and pivotal, it gets its own bullet point!

Do I need to be "further along" in order to benefit from the Mastermind?


No! It doesn't matter what stage of business you are in when you join, as long as you are committed to taking regular action to keep building. If you need accountability to finish your coaching certification, B&P can definitely support you in that!

If you are already more established, the key tenets which support taking inspired action and creating thriving in your system will help you continue to play big AND to feel grounded and joyful while doing it.

Will you be offering additional support in the Facebook group?


The core of the B&P Mastermind are the live calls. I will be bringing my full presence and intuition to each call and healing session to hold the container of the Mastermind with intention and love. I will be a member of the Facebook group, but it's primary purpose is for the sisters to support each other. I will not hold regular "office hours" in the Facebook group. 

Private 1-1 sessions with me will be available at a discounted rate for those who need additional support, though it is my intention that you will receive what you need and feel empowered to succeed from the weekly calls. 

I'm nervous/excited/resistant to weekly breathwork sessions.


Breathwork - an active meditation technique that quiets the mind, opens the heart and gets your energy moving - has truly changed my life. I have released so much emotional heaviness and stuckness from engaging in a regular practice. 

Yes, there can be some resistance to a weekly practice, but that's why it's so important to have the space held for you to show up regularly and go deep.

In the weekly sessions, I will create space for you to release and integrate whatever is blocking you from your truth and from playing big. I will also guide you to create a thriving ecology in your nervous system, anchored in love, safety and belonging. Having space held for you to do these practices helps you go deeper and really embody the power of them. This in turn enables you to hold your clients in going deeper as well!

I'm not ready to join the B&P Mastermind right now. Will you be re-opening the doors?


It is my intention for the B&P Mastermind to be an "open palm" offering that does not create a sense of scarcity or missing out. So yes, I will be re-opening the doors, though I am not sure yet exactly when. I want to make sure the group that joins now comes together and gets off to a great start.

There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee so you can try out the Mastermind risk-free. If your intuition is guiding you to this group, I encourage you to sign up now and see if it is a fit. 

But always, always I encourage you to check in with your gut and your heart and feel into what's right for you! 

Please feel free to email me any additional questions at 


The Business & Pleasure Mastermind is truly an offering from my heart to yours.

If you are feeling called to join, it would be my absolute pleasure to work with you.



Your Monthly Investment


Business & Pleasure Mastermind

Monthly Membership



There is no obligation in filling out the application. I’ll respond to you with next steps within 48 hours of receipt.



100% Risk-Free Guarantee



And lastly...

Dear Sister,

Whether the Business & Pleasure Mastermind is right for you or not, I deeply believe in YOU and the importance of your work and your unique contribution to the world. Even if you aren't quite clear on what that is yet! I feel the power of it, and trust me, the world - and specifically your clients - deeply need what only you can provide. Please keep going. You got this! 

All my love,