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Feeling Good Enough: Virtual Breathwork with Rachel Sizemore


*Please note: event time is listed in PST*

When we set goals and resolutions from a place of not good enough, we are pretty much guaranteed to either not achieve them (and judge ourselves furiously for that) or to still feel dissatisfied once we get there.

Feeling good enough is an inside job.

No external condition or achievement can get us there.

In this virtual workshop, we'll use an active two-part breathing method that gently quiets the mind and gives you access to your deeper truth. With the mind calm, you can begin to release the old emotions and memories stored in the body that keep you trapped in feeling not good enough.

As you release old pain, you create space to feel the truth of who you really are. A beautiful, infinite light being having a human experience. A being that’s divinely perfect just the way you are, right now, without needing to achieve even one more thing to be completely worthy of love.

Let’s start 2019 inviting in a deeper connection that divine truth. That you are completely and totally always good enough.

*Please note: event time is listed in PST*

What you'll need:

  • A comfortable, private space to lay down flat (bed, couch, yoga mat)

  • A journal or something to write/type on

  • A pillow to yell into when we release the built up energy

  • Zoom, a free software that will automatically download when you click the meeting link. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early if you have never used Zoom before.

  • You may also want a blanket and/or an eye mask for additional comfort

Please note:

  • The event time is listed in PST. Please adjust for your time zone.

  • You'll receive an email with login instructions one hour before the session.

  • You must register two hours before the event start time in order to attend live. Late registrations will still receive the replay.

  • You do not need to attend live to receive all of the healing benefits.

  • A recording will be sent to you after the class that you can download and revisit as many times as you like.

Cost: $25