Come fully alive

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A rich, full-bodied, vibrantly alive, love-filled life experience is waiting for you to wake up to it,

right now.

The art is releasing the “I’ll be happy when…” story and all the stored old shame, doubt and fear and committing again and again to opening your heart to what’s here in your life right now.

Because that’s where all of the abundance, peace, joy, courage, love, and creativity of your life lives.

It can only ever be here and now.

And if we don’t practice being here, we may spend our whole lives searching, missing what was right in front of us all along.


Welcome! I'm Rachel Sizemore, Breathwork Healing Facilitator and Spiritual Life Coach.

I’m here to hold space for you to move beyond your mind so you can:

  • Learn to feel and release your emotions and past pain - the shit that makes it difficult to sit quietly alone for a few moments without reaching for your phone.

  • Connect to the divine within and around you. Your intuition. Life’s magic.

  • Begin to live fully alive in your body in this present moment. To enjoy your life and give your gifts with courage and grace.

It doesn’t come from accomplishing more. It comes from being willing to be fully here.




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