There is something undeniably magnetic about a woman who owns her feminine power and energy. 

A woman who has ripened into her true self.

Feeling 100% comfortable in your body and with who you are as a person.

Feeling confident. Knowing your worth (I mean really knowing it). Actually liking yourself. That little mischievous smile that says, "I got this." Authenticity that is damn well irresistible. 

Every woman deserves to feel this way, including you. And no, you don't need to land your dream job, find a husband, or lose 30 pounds to get there. 

The work starts within... In getting present. In getting into your body. In discovering and developing your inner radiance and sexuality and using that to fuel your life and create what you want.

Private Coaching with Rachel

I work with clients 1-1 through weekly intuitive, personalized, and transformational coaching calls for a minimum of 3 months. In our time together, we will uncover and address the old stories and beliefs that are getting in the way of creating the life you desire. 

Saying yes to this work puts you on the fast track to letting go of what is no longer serving you, getting into your body, bringing pleasure and desire into your life, and ripening into your true self. 

If you show up to it fully, this work has the power to change your life. 

I currently have a limited number of openings for 1-1 coaching clients. Please explore this page and book a discovery call if you are ready to dive in on creating your embodied, juicy, joyful life. 

What's included in the 3-month intensive private coaching program?

I'm glad you asked! 

  • 12 weekly 50-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me where I help you to laser in on and permanently change the old beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck.
  • Powerful guidance and specific change-your-life action steps for between sessions so you can start creating lasting results right away

  • Email/text support between sessions to keep you accountable and to help you work through roadblocks as they come up. You are not alone in this!
  • Coaching, accountability, and personalized support combined with proven strategies for creating lasting change, forming new habits, and manifesting what you want into your life.
  • My personal commitment to your results so you feel supported and energized every step of the way.

The Ripen journey is about caring for your body, knowing yourself deeply, and owning every ounce of it. You can sit around waiting for the magical day confidence will just arrive – when you are finally thin enough or successful enough – or you can stop waiting and start building the confidence you crave now. It’s actually the missing key ingredient to finally getting what you want. Giving yourself the gift of private coaching is like saying a giant "Hell Yes" to becoming the woman you know you truly are deep down.


What's the investment to work with Rachel and receive 3 months of personalized, transformative 1-on-1 support?

3 monthly payments of $847

Curious? Nervous? Excited, despite not wanting to get your hopes all the way up? 

This is for you. Let's get to know one another and explore working together!

This journey is for women who want to live life to 11.

It's for women who want to leave nothing on the table. To play full out.  

To squeeze every ounce of joy from this one life. 

It’s for you if you’re ready to stop beating yourself up and start living your truth

If you want adventures. Sunsets. Impromptu picnics in the park. To live your secret dreams. To know confidently that you actually have secret dreams (Spoiler Alert: YOU DO! I'll help you find them).

I know what it's like, because I've been there. I’ve been to the bottom of the rabbit hole of feeling behind, unmotivated, not good enough... feeling like I should be further along by now. I was so hard on myself, and I realize now all that negativity simply caused me to self-sabotage and get in my own way. It didn't help one bit.

My guess is its not helping you either. 

I felt so badly about myself, the big goals, the challenges I set for myself, the various diets (all my grandiose efforts to fix myself) only created stress and made things worse. I couldn't stick with anything long term. It just felt so daunting to try and get where I wanted to be. Can you relate?

It sounds crazy, but in order to change my life and heal my body and my acne, I had to learn to accept myself. To stop speaking to myself more nastily than I would ever speak to my worst enemy. To put down the boxing gloves once and for all.

By giving myself the grace to accept where I am, I’ve transformed my relationship to food and my body. I’ve also built a loving, super-fun marriage with my soul mate and turned my passion for happy, healthy living into a thriving business. I feel truly comfortable and sexy in my own skin, and I am completely confident that with my approach the same is possible for you too. 

If you can relate to my experience, book in a time to talk with me about private coaching. You'll get a sense of what its like to work with me, to have a coach, and to fully commit to creating change in your life.

Hiring my first coach was beyond scary for me (Invest in myself? Really?? Can I do that?), but I look back on it now as the moment where everything started to shift. I've become a genuinely joyful person because of coaching, and I've helped my clients experience the same. Now its your turn! 


Rachel helped me to take a deeper look inside of myself and what goals were truly my own. She taught me that it is ok to ask myself what I want for my own life, and to let go of what other voices might be inside my head. She doesn’t try to push one method (love this), instead works to help each individual find what is best for her body, and her lifestyle. You will not be disappointed with the results you will reach in your work with Rachel. She is knowledgeable, warm and professional, and she will literally be your biggest cheerleader.
— Jaclyn J. Nashville, TN

Through our work together, you'll

  • Reawaken your desire and intimate connection with yourself and your partner.
  • Have a new confidence and deep-seated love and appreciation for your body.
  • Feel completely comfortable and at home in your skin.
  • Be your own biggest supporter. No more nasty inner critic running the show.
  • Know what you really want and feel more ease, motivation, and focus to create your desires than you've ever felt in your life
  • Cultivate a whole new understanding of your menstrual cycle and how to use it to optimize your energy so that you can embrace your feminine power rather than suffer through it.
  • Embody your authentic self with powerful presence.


Yes this is 100% possible for you, I know it. I've seen it happen for myself and my wonderful clients, and I am so excited to help create this for you.

Let's hop on a call and together we'll explore the possibilities.





I’ve tried so programs and challenges. I’m sick of these things not working and its scary to get my hopes up again. How is your program different?

My approach to creating transformation could not be more different than the other programs out there. 

If you’ve landed here, you’ve likely tried (and given up on) any number of fad challenges and personal development trends.  You’re finally at the point when you’re willing to do the real work that gives you what you want.

My program combines physical adjustments with the mental/emotional healing that has to take place in order to create lasting change. The reality is there is likely a lot more going on for you than a lack of willpower. Until you address this piece, you won’t break out of the old cycle. 

I am your support, your guide, your cheerleader every step of the way – trust me, you’ve never tried anything like this and you’ll feel the difference right away. 

That’s part of why I offer the free discovery call, so you can get a strong sense of how I work before you sign up. Book a free call now, right here


What’s with this whole coaching thing? Does it really work?

Having a coach is like grabbing one of those flashing mushroom speed packs in old school Nintendo!

Coaching has changed my life so much, I am committed to always having a coach of my own. With me on your team, you are on the fast track to where you want to go with personalized support and sustained accountability.

On your own, when you stumble, it may take you weeks or months to get going again. With a coach, you have to regularly check in, and there’s no “falling off.” When you have a setback, we dive in and discover what’s really behind it so we can actually clear that block from your path for good.

I’ve helped my clients get over years of self criticism and self sabotage. They’ve connected to their bodies and their pleasure, found new jobs, pushed themselves to the next level in their businesses, found non-negotiable room for their self care on the priority list – it's just so much easier with a coach by your side.


This feels like a lot of money to invest in myself, is it really worth it?

The first time you invest in yourself, it’s scary because it’s new. But it’s the first step towards deciding that you’re worth it. That the life you desire is worth it.

Some of my coaches have cost 3-4x my own rate, but every single investment has lead me to greater heights than I imagined possible. Making a major financial commitment to creating change in your life is a powerful, self-affirming choice. It calls you forward into being that woman who goes after what she wants at full speed and gets it.

Saying yes to yourself in a big way and expanding what you believe is possible for you is the first step to creating change.

I often have clients say I didn’t fully know what to expect in coaching with you, but the breadth and the depth of the results we’ve created have gone so far beyond what I expected.


Do you teach everyone the same thing? 

My coaching style is very intuitive and 100% tailored to you and your experience.  At the same time, I have coached so many women on this journey, and there are a lot of similarities in the challenges and blocks they face.  You are not alone in how you are feeling, and you are not a lost cause.  In fact, things will start to change for you faster than you expect when you join the program.

We work together to insure each piece of the puzzle is fitting for you, given your particular life experience, habits, and constraints so that you can achieve your goals and get the results you want.

Curious? Excited? Book a complimentary discovery call now to have a private chat with me and see what working together is all about!

Rachel provides the perfect balance of expertise and skill with a warm and compassionate demeanor. With Rachel’s guidance, I now look at life through a different lens, and approach challenges and opportunities with a new set of tools to succeed. I am ETERNALLY grateful to Rachel for improving my life and highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health & happiness.
— Barb Gonzales, Denver, CO

Rachel is so passionate about what she does and genuine in her desire to help people improve their lives that you can’t help but feel inspired when working with her. I am so grateful for our time together.
— Karla A. Denver, CO